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Select Serve and File

Select Serve and File as the name suggests believes in providing best services to the clients from the word "SERVE". They have established their company in 2013 and since then they have given their services to Law Firms, Management Companies, Insurance Agencies, Financial Institutions, Technology Companies, Government Agencies or any other individual(s). They have successfully insured best results to their clients with their professional management, Vast experience and reliable work ethic.

Fast and cost effective way to handle services

Select Serve and File

Select Serve and File provides results in the minimum possible time in the most cost-effective way. If you are looking for a process server to handle all your Court Related files and Service, then look no further Select Serve and File is the best place to look.

Process Serving, Court Filing and Skip Tracing not only takes time and money but also piece of mind of a person and Select Serve and File takes care of all three. They showcase the real picture in-front of the client about the case and work according to the most effective method

They work recklessly to provide every possible solution to their clients. They enjoy their great reputation for their commitment and reliability in the Process Server world as well. The word Select Serve and File means reliable, honest, fast, unbeatable, professional process servers


We believe that anything which gets prolongs attach uncertainty, thus they always intent to finish the Filing and Serving in the earliest and in the most cost saving method. With us you can rest assured that proper service will be carried out, and your documents will be secure. We believe in building close, triumphant working relationships with each client, focusing on the singular needs of each at every stage of the process. Consequently, we have very good relations with clerks at various courts.

Here at Select Serve and File we focus on reliability, accountability and premium customer service.